We.Stream is your Secure Hotspot Wifi Mobile with built-in Cloud SIM technology to allow unlimited data in more than 100 countries

149 € HT
soit 178,80 € TTC

An exceptional price including 2 GB of Data Works in more than 100 countries*

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No contract, no subscription, no surprise on your bills
Pay a flat fee every month

Data packages that cover more than 100 countries
After the 2 GB of High Speed internet monthly, the speed is limited to 128kbs.
Fast enough for sending classic emails and web browsing.


Secure Hotspot Wifi Mobile (without subscription): 149 € HT incl. 3 days of package

International daily package:

Unlimited day (500Mb / day of High Speed): 8 € HT / day
Unlimited week (500Mb / day of High Speed): 7 € HT / day

International annual package:

Unlimited 1 year (2Gb / month of High Speed): 20,75 € HT / month
Unlimited 1 year (5Gb / month of High Speed): 41,58 € HT / month

International High Capacity Package:

5Gb 30 days (High Speed): 99 € HT
10Gb 30 days (High Speed): 149 € HT

The advantages of the Hotspot Wifi Mobile:

In a professional context or during activities in a private environment, the "Hotspot Wifi Mobile" is the perfect device to have permanent access to the Internet. Its advantages are numerous:


Wherever you are, abroad (more than 100 countries * covered) and everywhere in France (even in the TGV), you will get the best reception available. With the subscription you are not limited to a single operator but to whoever, wherever you are, offers you the best reception.


You can share your connection with the people who accompany you: the "Hotspot Wifi Mobile" allows you to connect up to 5 devices simultaneously! Whether for an impromptu professional meeting, a family trip, etc., sharing is available at no additional cost.

VPN (Virtual Private Network):

You work in a company or on your own account, you are by a customer or work from home, the "Hotspot Wifi Mobile" offers you a secure access with integrated VPN and a P2P connection with the network of your company.

Charging station:

Always have a backup battery! While walking, in public transport ... the "Hotspot Wifi Mobile" allows you to give a "little boost" to your unloaded devices (smartphones, mp3 players ...) and that in just a few minutes.

Dual SIM card:

A dual SIM card is even more flexibility. In addition to the integrated SIM card, you can insert 2 other SIM cards. It may happen that you are crossing an area not yet under contract with We.Stream, you can then take a SIM card of the local provider and insert it into your "Hotspot Wifi Mobile", so you will always be reachable and especially in ability to respond.


The "Hotspot Wifi Mobile" has a size of 126.5mm x 65mm x 19mm, equivalent of the size of a standard smartphone. So you can take it with you easily.

Once tested, you will love the "Hotspot Wifi Mobile"! You do not leave without your smartphone? Well now, you will not leave without the "Hotspot Wifi Mobile"!

Secure personal WiFi.
Anywhere anytime.

We.Stream offers secure and affordable mobile internet all over the world. We.Stream ends high roaming charges and offers a secure alternative to unsafe public Wi-Fi hotspots. Video presentation

Product Rewards

Innovation award CES 2018 Tech Award PC PRO Telecom Inspirience Award Global Mobile Awards Glomo

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